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Colviveros: Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers
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January 2019

Live plants in Colombia maintain VAT exemption

Colombian live plant maintain VAT

January 8th, 2019

Article published at Floral Daily

The Tax Reform approved last December in Colombia, will maintain the VAT exemption for plant sales in the country, said Jairo Cadavid, president of the Association of Colombian Nursery and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros.

The decision is taken in the midst of the fiscal adjustments the South American country must undertake from 2019 onward and responds to the Colombian vision of keeping the production of live plants free from the value added tax (VAT) as a strategy to stimulate the development of the green industry in the country.

This is a segment with a high growth potential that currently benefits around 35,000 families, mainly small farm producers, and is expecting a figure greater than USD21 million in exports by the end of 2018.

Since its creation two years ago, Colviveros has been leading an ambitious formalization process of the nursery sector in which nearly 4,000 small-scale producers and live plant marketing vendors participate. Nowadays, the Association counts with nearly 500 affiliates and has a presence in 12 departments across the country.

October - December 2018

Exports and value added, the new challenges for nurseries in Colombia

Colombian live plant exports

October 23rd, 2018

Article published at Floral Daily

September 2018 marked two years of work for the Association of Colombian Nurseries, Colviveros. This Trade Association works in a segment that had never been in the spotlight in this South American country despite being an important generator of employment and livelihood for more than 25,000 Colombian families. FloralDaily spoke with Jairo Cadavid Ossa, president of Colviveros, to learn about the progress and goals of this Association that seeks to organize, stimulate and promote the development and competitiveness of producers of live and ornamental plants in Colombia

Why form a new Trade Association in Colombia?
First of all, it's a segment mainly composed of a production model dominated by a small-scale family farming economy which needs a "push" in order to professionalize and achieve a new scale in Colombia. Secondly, we as a country must conform to the green trends spread worldwide and recognize that live plants have an enormous growth potential beyond their ornamental value, since they support processes so important to humans such as the water cycle, thermal regulation, and the capture of carbon dioxide. Lastly, Colombian consumers deserve nursery products with the highest quality standards.

And what has been the response?
A portfolio of services to which the growers of the country did not previously have access, together with the design of an inclusive participation model, has allowed us to overcome the barrier of the 400 members in 11 departments in less than two years of work. Since we are dealing with a segment where we have a very high number of small farm producers, we have opted for a very light administrative burden model so we can transfer that benefit to our affiliates. We have no fixed headquarters, our management is carried out under the model of shared workspaces, and both, contributors and associates are linked to our organization through the use of new technologies.

And what is different about the Colviveros model?
The focus is on the needs of the growers. We concentrate on two fundamental aspects for them, technical assistance with training, and commercial business development. Affiliates are offered free technical support via WhatsApp. A group of technicians coordinated by Alfonso Alvarado, director of the Research Center for the Advancement of the Ornamental Nursery Industry (Ceniviveros), receives questions, photos and videos of pests and diseases in crops, analyzes them to offer a course of action, and uses such information to establish the phytosanitary map of the sector in the country. With the help of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and the Dutch cooperation, we provide training in new greenhouse production technologies, and in the context of the international exhibitions we encourage plant growers to go out and participate in guided technical missions to the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil.

What about the commercial side?
In this field of work, we convened our first Congress and Professional Nursery Trade Show, last August. About 300 producers, wholesalers and vendors of the green-industry supply chain in Colombia participated in ExpoPlantas 2018, an event that besides providing technical and commercial training to the highest level, has generated a new commercial dynamic which has prompted us to start working on the 2019 version to promote the added value of the industry to a new segment.

How do Colombian nurseries stand regarding exports?
The potential of the segment is not only focused on the national market, where there is an enormous possibility of offering differentiated products to the national consumer. In the international arena, we are waiting for a figure greater than USD21 million in exports of live plants, cuttings and foliage by the end of the year. Companies like Darwin Colombia will export this year more than 70 million cuttings of live plants to the United States, Canada and Europe, which shows how nurseries have all the potential to generate more employment and open a new export window for Colombia.

Any upcoming special projects?
Yes, offering more training topics including aspects like the plant variety rights, but especially projects such as the National Consolidation Center in which we are already working. The ornamental markets of Brazil and Mexico, estimated at USD1.8 billion and USD350 million annually respectively, reached their current size thanks to the work of several associative movements that focused on logistics, consolidation, and commercialization so they could bring to market all the products, on a large scale and under one single roof.

July - September 2018

ExpoPlantas 2018 Gathers 300 Colombian Plant Growers

300 Colombian Plant Growers in ExpoPlantas

August 14th, 2018

Article published at Floral Daily

ExpoPlantas 2018 - the first Professional Colombian Seminar and Nursery Trade Show - offered last week (August 8-10) in Antioquia, a national sample of the nursery industry, conferences, visits to the plant production, attendance to the Orchids, Flowers and Crafts Exhibition as well as the traditional Silleteros handmade flower creations during the Medellin's Flower Festival.

Ornamental plant growers attending a seminar - ExpoPlantas 2018 Colombia

Jairo Cadavid, President of Colviveros, the Association of Colombian Ornamental Nurseries who organized the Colombian Seminar and Nursery Trade show, pointed out the event gathered for the very first time nearly 300 Colombian plant growers from different corners of the country. The event provided not only business-to-business networking, but also a wide-ranging and relevant program of educational seminars.

Industry-related technical and commercial issues were addressed by renowned national and international experts such as Jan Willem van Bokhoven from the Holland House in Colombia; Carlos Martinez from Floraplant, México; Andrés Uribe from Orquídeas del Valle and Edison Torrado from the Instituto Entoma, among others.

The President of Colviveros also indicated that 30 growers and suppliers of commercial products supported the exhibition with exciting displays to highlight the quality and steady growth of the nursery sector and promote the opportunities this new green industry in Colombia has to offer. "ExpoPlantas will be one of the most important industry events in the coming years", added Jairo Cadavid.

Colombian Nursery Growers Visit Ornamental Production in Brazil

Colombian Nursery Growers visit ornamental production in Brazil

July 18th, 2018

Article published at Floral Daily

The Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, led a technical mission to the region of Holambra in Brazil last week. A group of 18 Colombian ornamental plant producers visited their Brazilian peers to learn about the advances in production, varietal renewal, and commercialization of plants, flowers and foliage in the largest Latin American market valued at USD1.8 billion annually.

The international Colviveros mission included visits to the major producers of orchids, anthuriums, lilies, gerberas, kalanchoes, poinsettias, cacti and succulents, the Veiling Holambra, the Cooperflora cooperative, and the flower and ornamental plant market of Ceasa in Campinas.

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Jairo Cadavid -

April - June 2018

Colombia Gets New Trade Show: ExpoPlantas

Colombian Professional Trade Fair for Plant Growers

Bogotá, May 31st, 2018

Article published at Floral Daily

ExpoPlantas will offer next August in Antioquia, Colombia, a national sample of the nursery industry, conferences, a varieties competition for growers and breeders, visits to the region's plant production and the opportunity to participate in the Orchids, Flowers and Crafts Exhibition as well as the traditional Silleteros Parade in Medellin's Flower Festival.

The Flower Festival in Medellin, reaching its 55th edition this 2018, is one of the most emblematic celebrations in Colombia and Latin America. The opportunity this festival represents for many nurseries in the country, and for the international guests participating in the traditional event for the first time, has motivated the date for ExpoPlantas Colombia this August 8th - 10th, 2018.

Jairo Cadavid, president of the Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, pointed out that the very first Professional Colombian Nursery Trade Show will be focused on the distribution chain rather than the final consumer. It will be carried out by affiliate members of Colviveros and will be held at the Quirama Hotel and Convention Center in El Carmen de Viboral, a perfect venue for the exhibition of nursery products and input supplies. This facility offers an exhibit place with imposing gardens and colonial architecture, several conference rooms, restaurant, and different rooms to accommodate the participants in this first version of the national nursery fair.

Colombian growers

ExpoPlantas Colombia will provide not only business-to-business networking, but also a wide-ranging and relevant program of educational seminars. Industry-related technical and commercial issues will be addressed by renowned national and international experts. Furthermore, the Colviveros President indicated that "the transformation of the Quirama compound into the best exhibition space with exciting displays of both growers and suppliers' commercial samples will allow us to highlight the quality and steady growth of the nursery sector, and promote the opportunities this green industry has to offer. At the other hand, the Varieties Competition will open a new window to promote high qualified ornamental products for both, growers and breeders.

On the 10th and 11th of August, Colombian Growers will visit nurseries located in the Rionegro and Santafe of Antioquia regions, and take part in the well-known Orchid, Flowers and Crafts Exhibition. On Sunday August 12th, the participants will be attending the traditional Silleteros Parade featuring impressive plant and flower arrangements carried by the parade's participants on their backs".

Plant Consumption in Colombia to Increase for Mother's Day

Colombian plant grower

Bogotá, May 4th, 2018

Article published at Article published at HortiBiz

The Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, reported that the ornamental plants sector expects significant sales increases of their products around Mother's Day. An important holiday for Colombian plant growers who see the largest spike in sales, accounting for as much as 20 percent of their annual revenue.

Colviveros estimates that the sector has been growing steadily in recent years, and their 2017 earnings exceeding more than USD 70 million consolidate the ornamental nursery industry as a segment of agriculture that benefits more than 20 thousand families who depend on the production and marketing of ornamental plants and foliages in the Colombian countryside.

Colombian orchids for Mother's Day

According to Jairo Cadavid, President of Colviveros, several factors contribute to the increase in sales. First of all, the conditions have been stable, despite the rains over the past few weeks, and nurseries throughout the country have been meeting the production goals. Secondly, the knowledge and practical experience gained by growers through the years have led to quality improvements in their production processes. Lastly, Colombian consumers have begun to perceive not only the quality improvement but also the health benefits and sense of well-being associated with house plants, factors that are an addition to the existing added value of plants in terms of their visual impact and long lasting appeal.

Agustín Bernal, manager of the Nursery Plantas del Tambo in La Ceja, Antioquia, stated that this national holiday implies, for his business, an increase of more than 20% in the production as well as in the commercialization of flowering plants like anthuriums, begonias, azaleas, and kalanchoes. For his part, Gabriel Moreno, from the Cinco Sentidos Nursery, in San Antonio del Tequendama, Cundinamarca, added that the production of his nursery increased around 18% this year, being orchids, cyclamens, celosias, begonias and anthuriums, the most requested plants.

Colombian Nursery Growers in México

Colombian Nursery Growers in Mexico

April 12th, 2018

Article published at Flora Culture International

BOGOTÁ, Colombia: A group of 18 Colombian growers traveled to México this week to make a tour of the main production areas of live plants, mainly in the state of Morelos. The initiative is part of the international agenda of the Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers (Colviveros).

Ornamental plant theme park in Mexico

This national association showed participants one of the most important examples of ornamental plants production and commercialization in Latin America valued at USD300 million annually.

The agenda included visits to the Lake Xochimilco Flower Market and the Mexican gardens, one of the world's largest ornamental plant theme parks, as well as a tour of the largest Mexican plant nurseries such as Floraplant and Floramundo and a meeting with the producers of the Wholesale Nursery Cooperativa (Conaplor) in Cuernavaca and Cuautla.

Colombian Plant Growers to Have Nursery Research Center

Plantas del Tambo Nurseries, La Ceja, Antioquia

April 3rd, 2018

Article published at Floral Daily and Flowers and Cents

Within the framework of its Second General Assembly held in Bogotá on March 21st, COLVIVEROS, the Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, announced the creation of the Research Center for the Advancement of the Ornamental Nursery Industry (CENIVIVEROS)

According to Jairo Cadavid, President of COLVIVEROS, this initiative will be structured around a technological development center focused on strengthening and improving the productivity and the competitiveness of the ornamental nursery industry in Colombia by providing live plant growers comprehensive training, technical assistance, technological services, and evaluating new technologies. At the same time, the Research Center will promote among the COLVIVEROS members the preservation of the intellectual property rights.

The trade union leader indicated that CENIVIVEROS will seek to close the existing technological gap Colombia faces in comparison with the countries at the forefront of live plant production, will centralize the research to disseminate it, will stimulate the implementation of quality standards, and will promote the adoption of clean production systems by the nursery growers in the country.

As for the production and commercialization of live plants and ornamentals in the country, the President of COLVIVEROS pointed out that the trade association advances in the characterization process of this segment could be equivalent to some 5,000 marketers and rural producers throughout the national territory. By March 2018 the newly created Association reached 200 members in 8 Colombian regions.

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Jairo Cadavid -

October - December 2017

Colombian Minister of Agriculture Meets with Nursery Growers

Minister of Agriculture visiting a the main poinsetias area in Colombia

December 11th, 2017

Article published at Floral Daily

In response to an invitation from the Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, the new Minister of Agriculture of Colombia, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, along with Luis Humberto Martinez, the Director of the Colombian Phytosanitary Authority, ICA, toured the main production area of poinsettias of the country located in the department of Cundinamarca.

The high representative of the Colombian Government and his delegation got to know the production process of one of the most important nurseries in the country, "Poinsettias de Colombia", and thus to understand the socioeconomic impact of live plants' production.

At the end of his visit the Minister of Agriculture indicated that ornamental plants are a new sector that is gaining a very important space in the country's agricultural economy and will receive all the support of both his Ministry and the phytosanitary authority to strengthen not only the development of the local market but also boost the export of live plants and foliage, which in 2016 exceeded USD16 million.

a poinsettias grower along with the Minister of Agriculture, ICA General Manager, and the President of Colviveros
Nohora Espejo, Poinsettias de Colombia; Luis Humberto Martinez, general manager ICA; Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, new Colombian Minister of Agriculture and Jairo Cadavid, President of Colviveros

Regarding the production of poinsettias in Colombia, Jairo Cadavid, President of Colviveros, estimates that the local Colombian market consumption for the 2017 season will exceed 500,000 plants, and the season's income will generate benefits for about 25,000 families who are in some way related to the nursery industry throughout the country.

The First Technical Nursery Days in Colombia

growers attending the first technical nursery days in Colombia

December 6th, 2017

Article published at Floral Daily

The Association of Colombian Nursery Growers, Colviveros, along with the Secretary of Economic Development of Fusagasugá, Asovis and Flormacoop, held on November 30 and December 1, 2017 the First National Technical Nursery Days, which took place in the municipalities of Fusagasugá and Chinauta.

live plant producers attending the technical nursery days - Colviveros

According to the president of Colviveros, Jairo Cadavid, the event offered technical updates, a sample of inputs, and field visits to a group of 120 national producers of live plants, in order to introduce the new developments of the main producing region of plants and ornamentals of Colombia.

During the academic agenda carried out at the Chamber of Commerce of Fusagasugá, small producers received guidance from recognized experts on aspects such as substrate management, pests and diseases in living plants, clean production systems, interpretation of soil analysis reports, nursery management, and the physiology of plants in the nursery environment.

They also participated in conferences on breeder's rights, marketing and sales of plants and ornamentals, as well as the presentation of the characterization of nurseries in this region of the country handled by the University of Cundinamarca.

Adding Value Colombian Style

A Piante's employee showing a Phalaenopsis plant

October 10th, 2017

Article published at FloraCulture International magazine

Adding value to a plant or flower can improve its price or help attract new customers to buy it. Worldwide, adding value is embraced by more and more growers, which is also true in Colombia. Members of a new organization, the Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers (Colviveros) are actively working to add value to their products.

Piante® produces mainly Phalaenopsis plants. Nicolás Vélez points out that his company's specialty isn't plants, but customer experience. "Adding value is more than just upgrading the look of a plant. It's about the entire customer experience and exceeding expectations in order to make them come back. Quality is the starting point but we emphasize the benefits of our plants by teaching customers how to handle them so they will last for years. Once our plants bloom four or five times, we are successful. We see ourselves as our customers' partner. We are only happy with our products when they are."

Colombian nursery growers

Meanwhile, creative companies have been developed to help growers communicate the value they add. One of these is De Origen-Espacios Verdes founded by David Rubiano who specializes in the design of decorative products with ornamental and live plants. The company has seen good results with 'handmade' products for the Colombian market. Innovation, design, presentation, but also care, handling and specific customer needs are the keywords for De Origen.

Rocio Muñoz of Plantaciones Flor Verde is still young. Being a grower's daughter, she started her own nursery after she had earned her degree. "I didn't want to produce the same plants that others do so I chose to focus on Calathea. Quality is not my usp, it's simply my starting point. This requires organization which means the nursery looks neat so that when customers (wholesalers) visit, they have a pleasant experience. Plants that have been produced in a neat environment have a better chance of a long life."

Epiflora, a production company of Orchids (mainly Phalaenopsis), focuses on online activities. "A price strategy alone is useless," says Epiflora's founder Santiago Piedrahita. "There will always be someone who is willing to sell at a lower price. Therefore, we focus on quality, innovation and presentation. We offer different options in size and product packaging and try to innovate by improving our assortment. We use the web to give consumers useful information about the care and handling of our plants (with videos) and we organize special web sales. By doing so we are creating a brand which gives us an emotional connection to our customers."

Adding value can also be attained by changing your policy. Aydée and Thomas Toulemonde, whose Anthurium flowers gave their nursery a huge turnaround, focused on potted plants and adding Orchids and Bromelia to their assortment. The packaging and presentation of their plants make them highly appreciated, not only by the domestic market, but also as exports. Why? Because as Thomas Toulemonde says, "we do not sell plants in the traditional way; we propagate emotions."

For more information contact:
Jairo Cadavid -

July - September 2017

A Paris Street in Bogota

a 400 square meters Street of Live Plants exhibited by Colviveros at Colferias Home Fair

September 6th, 2017

Article published at Floral Daily

Beyond making the sector of live plants and ornamentals visible, the Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, is opening new commercial spaces for Colombian producers.

The Parisian concept of the 400 square meters Street of Live Plants being exhibited by this new Association at the Colombian Home Fair at Corferias Convention Center in Bogota, became the main attraction of the event due to its color and visual appeal.

giant plant sculpture

It is estimated that more than 300,000 potential buyers will attend this trade fair that began on August 31 and will run until September 16, 2017, the date on which Colombian people celebrate Love and Friendship Day.

Jairo Cadavid, President of Colviveros, said that the Home Fair is an extraordinary opportunity not only to sell plants and ornamentals, but to teach the end consumer how to care for them and where to locate them in order to achieve a greater purchase satisfaction.

The trade association leader concluded by saying, "The Colombian market has an extraordinary potential that we will develop with our producers."

39-Foot Floral Peacock Created for the Medellin Flower Fair; Colombia-Check It Out!

a 39-foot floral sculpture at Medellin Flower fair

August 2nd, 2017

Article published at Grand Central Floral

100 people were required by the Tierra Negra Nursery to create this stunning living peacock structure at the Santa Fe Mall in Medellín, Colombia.

giant plant sculpture

The Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, reported that these designers have worked tirelessly since last March in the preparation for the structure, which had to be meticulously groomed to reach its final form.

This giant plant sculpture is 12 meters tall (39 ft) and required 26,000 plants in total. One of the Colviveros members, the Tierra Negra Nursery in Antioquia, was responsible for this ornamental piece requested by the Mall and especially created for the Medellín Flower Fair which started on July 28, 2017.

Planting Poinsettias in Colombia

Colombian producers planting poinsettias

July 18th, 2017

Article published at Floral Daily

The Colombian Association of Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, reported that Colombian producers have begun the process of planting poinsettias after having worked with the mother plants for the first part of this year.

poinsettias in Colombia

Poinsettias are well known as the Christmas plant for their striking red leaves. In Colombia, these plants flourish mainly in the San Antonio del Tequendama, La Mesa, and Fusagasugá, areas located in the Department of Cundinamarca that stand out for their unparalleled production conditions.

Colviveros estimates that this region produces more than half a million poinsettias to meet the increasing domestic demand during the season that covers mainly the months of November and December.

The new ornamental trade association in Colombia will initiate a promotional campaign of poinsettias in the main population centers oriented to stimulate a bigger consumption of the Christmas plant by the end consumers.

Hernando Lopez and Nohora Espejo, Poinsettias de Colombia

For more information contact:
Jairo Cadavid -

April - June 2017

Ornamental Production in Colombia Ready for Mother's Day

A Colombian farmer taking care of his live plants

May 4th, 2017

Article published at Floral Daily

The Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, reported normality in the production of live plants in Colombia for Mother's Day.

The nursery trade association estimates that around 5,000 growers, mainly small farmers, could get about 3,000,000 plants to the South American country's market for this celebration.

Jairo Cadavid, president of Colviveros, pointed out that plants such as anthuriums, bromelias, cactus, callas, lilies, cyclamens, garden roses, gerberas, succulents and potted orchids are highly appreciated by local buyers during this season because of their visual and long lasting appeal.

Nursery Growers from Colombia Visit Their Peers in California This Week

Colombian nursery growers visiting some nurseries in California

Abril 5th, 2017

Article published on Portafolio - Negocios (Spanish)

The Colombian Association of Nurseries and Ornamental Growers (Colviveros) started its international agenda. Among the topics included are Technical Assistance and Technology Exchange.

This Colombian Trade Association is participating this week, along with The Fred C. Gloeckner Company and several Colombian nurseries, in a visit to several ornamental producers from the state of California here in the United States.

Colviveros' international visit

This project is part of the trade association's initiatives aimed to boost the sector of ornamental plant production in Colombia.

A second international activity will be their first mission to the Netherlands, which will take place from June 10 through June 18, 2017.

"This international visit will welcome 20 participants from Colombia, and it will be an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the largest developer of plant material in the world. The agenda includes 4-day visits to the main ornamental hibernation houses in the Netherlands, as well as some ornamental auctions. The travel package includes tickets, hotel, transportation, and a translation service for the visits," said Jairo Cadavid, president of Colviveros.

For more information contact:
Jairo Cadavid -

January - March 2017

First General Assembly of Colviveros

First General Assembly of Colviveros

March 30th, 2017

The First General Assembly of Colviveros' Affiliates was held in Bogotá, Colombia, on Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

Beyond the extraordinary participation of the affiliates who came from different parts of the country, it became apparent that the government supports this growing association.

During his speech at the Colviveros Assembly, Juan Pablo Pineda Azuero, the Colombian Vice Minister of Agricultural Affairs, said that the ornamental sector has within the small producers an extraordinary opportunity for growth in the local market, as well as at the international level.

the Colombian Vice Minister of Agricultural Affairs at the Colviveros Assembly

He announced that the government will create the nursery and ornamental growers chain, which will join the other 50 production chains being supported by the Ministry of Agriculture so far.

The public official also announced small producers will benefit from financing programs and will have access to credit.

agreement of cooperation between ICA and Colviveros

Furthermore, during this first General Assembly, Luis Humberto Martinez Lacouture, the General Manager of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), and Jairo Cadavid Ossa,the President of Colviveros, signed an agreement of cooperation to provide technical assistance.

Colviveros acknowledged the work done by Luis Humberto Martinez Lacouture as the head of the phytosanitary entity (ICA).

Cristian Stapper, President of the directive Board of Colviveros, noted that during his management the country achieved the first export of potted plants made by the Siete Colinas nursery in April 2015, which opened the door for new exports of ornamental products.

Colombia: Plants Exempted from Paying VAT

Colombian potted-plant grower satisfied with the tax exemption

January 4th, 2017

Complete Article at Floral Daily

Just three months on the road and the Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, achieved a substantial breakthrough which may stimulate the consumption of ornamental plants and generate more and better employment for nearly 5,000 nursery and small ornamental producers throughout Colombia. Since January 1, 2017, these growers are benefiting from the elimination of the value-added tax (VAT) to potted plants approved in the recent Colombian tax reform. And for 2017, Colviveros has more projects in the pipeline.

Colombian potted-plant grower satisfied with the tax exemption

"Green exemption"

According to Jairo Cadavid Ossa, president of Colviveros, the VAT exemption for plants leaded by Colviveros will be a vital support to give a boost to the production of Colombian ornamentals and has a double impact. "On the one hand, it will stimulate the domestic consumption of ornamental products and will clear the way to develop the export potential of this segment; on the other hand, it will generate more and better employment in rural and suburban areas of Colombia."

Among the producers consulted, Toulemonde from Siete Colinas, a nursery in Pereira, told El Tiempo that the measure favors them "enormously" because they were contemplating the possibility of reducing their operation and laying off some workers due to the fiscal uncertainty. "We are thankful for Colvivero's management in this endeavor because the work associated with potted plants is one of those small-scale family-based enterprises many Colombian people opt for in order to gain a supplementary income". Mrs. Toulemonde said the way things are going, she hopes to grow in 2017.

For more information contact:
Jairo Cadavid -

November - December 2016

Plants Without the Value-added Tax (VAT), a Major Achievement for the Nurseries in Colombia

Planta en maceta con solicitud para eliminar el IVA a las plantas

December 29th, 2016

From January 1, 2017, plants will be exempt from paying the value-added tax (VAT).

The Colombian Nursery Trade Association, Colviveros, has achieved a substantial breakthrough which may stimulate the consumption of ornamental plants and generate more and better employment for nearly 5,000 small producers throughout the country.

On December 9, 2016, Colviveros addressed a letter to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon requesting him and the Finance Minister the approval to include a congressional proposal submitted by Senator Juan Manuel Corzo a week earlier. The proposal sought to completely eliminate the value-added tax (VAT) for potted plants.

Colviveros' argument for such a request was based on the fact that VAT on plants does not represent an important income for the State and its removal can stimulate employment in suburban and rural areas of the country. Colviveros highlighted that the excessive value-added tax of 16%, which would be increased to 19% with the approval of the Structural Tax Reform, was one of the obstacles the Colombian nursery industry was facing.

Colviveros was able to motivate Congress to disapprove the 16% to 19% increase in VAT for potted plants and solidified the proposal presented by Senator Juan Manuel Corzo.

This first great achievement of Colviveros, barely three months since its creation, was made possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of Cristian Stapper Buitrago, President of the Board of Directors, Senator Juan Manuel Corzo who supported the initiative, and of course, the companies and individuals who have endorsed the invitation to be part of the dream of having a young, dynamic trade association focused on providing value-added services to the nursery and ornamental production in Colombia.

Colombia: Poinsettias are Good Source of Income for Small Plant Growers

Poinsettias grown in Colombia

November 30th, 2016

Complete Article at Floral Daily

Article originallly published on El Tiempo (Spanish)

Poinsettias are coveted throughout the Catholic world as the year draws to an end and the holidays approach; their leaves add a magnificent splash of forest green and crimson red is evoking the Spirit of Christmas. And in Colombia too.

In an article in the Colombian Journal, El Tiempo a Colombian flower-farming veteran with over 20 years of experience in the floriculture sector, Juan Humberto Espejo, explains the planting process and how - almost by magic- the crown of the plant turns crimson red, just before the holidays. He left the world of flowers to grow potted plants, most particularly poinsettias and is doing this with his wife for 15 years now.

"This year's poinsettias come from Mother plants that arrived on our farm two years ago. They reach their peak a year after being planted and then provide the cuttings for our July planting." "Then, the plants get moved into their pots. Each mother plant produces around 80 cuttings, which grow into 80 plants", explains Espejo.

Nurseries and the Construction of Rurality in Colombia

Jairo Cadavid - Colviveros President

November 23rd, 2016

Article published on Agro Negocios (Spanish)

Over the past five decades Colombia has written one of the most important business chapters of agriculture in Latin America with the production and export of flowers. This national floriculture experience, as a business model, is an opportunity for the country to boost a new segment of ornamental production: value-added products such as garden plants, foliage plants, and potted flowering plants.

Nearly 5,000 small-scale producers throughout our country require support and assistance from both the government and trade associations to become sustainable, competitive, and generate products with the highest quality standards that allow them to adequately meet the domestic demand and fulfill the growing needs of the large Colombian flower exporters.

The historical government-assisted export of potted plants made by the Siete Colinas nursery, last April, highlights the country's potential to diversify its ornamental products' portfolio, offer a greater added value to international buyers, and venture into the export segment of plants, a product line that is estimated to be four times larger than the consumption of fresh cut flowers in the world.

A more formal business perspective that includes the consolidation of a more profitable local market throughout the country, the development of a better consumer experience strategy, and the search for new markets for producers with export capacity is the basis for a new rurality construction project in Colombia.

Trade associations represent an extraordinary alternative for nurseries to strengthen the productive chain of ornamental products in our country. Foliage and flowering plants can be widely produced in Colombia thanks to its diverse climate and its topography, they require little space, and a not-so-deep technical training for the care of the varieties.

Promoting this sector of the agriculture also implies generating new and better opportunities of rural employment. Similarly, the country can develop agro-industrial tourism options, a segment that is increasingly consolidated in the world. Is there anything more inspiring than a walk among the red poinsettia crops in San Antonio del Tequendama?

Author: Jairo Cadavid - President of Colviveros
Editor: María Alejandra Solano

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October 2016

Introducing Colviveros

Colombian nurserymen

Octubre 27th, 2016

About 50 nurserymen from the southwest Colombian region gathered together yesterday in Periera to participate in an event introducing the new Colombian Association of Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros. This newly created agricultural trade wanted to raise awareness and discuss the benefits and the wide range of opportunities derived from the association membership.

During the meeting, nurserymen expressed their concerns about the extent of the structural tax reform presented by the Government last week. Even though they understand the country's need for undertaking a fiscal adjustment, they fear the suggested 19% rate increase in the value-added tax (VAT) included in the cost of merchandise, goods, and services could affect the domestic consumption and trade of live plants.

Intellectual Property Rights in Plant Varieties Priority for Colviveros

A Colombian exotic flower protected by intellectual property rights

October 11th, 2016

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The newly created Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, will have within its fundamental objectives the renewal of plant varieties grown in Colombia and the preservation of the intellectual property rights, as indicated by its President, Jairo Cadavid.

According to Cadavid, Colombia has immense export potential of potted plants, which is proven by the sustainable success achieved by the fresh cut flower export industry for over 50 years. In order to achieve the expected export goals, farmers and horticultural producers must commit to the renewal of varieties, while preserving and protecting the legality and intellectual property rights.

Colviveros: New Ornamental Trade Association in Colombia

Colección de Flores Exóticas Colombianas

October 3rd, 2016

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Jairo Cadavid, former Director of Promotion of the Colombian Flower Industry, has been called to lead the new Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, the first agricultural trade association that was founded to organize, stimulate and promote the competitiveness and sustainability of nearly 5,000 nurseries and small ornamental-foliage and potted-plant growers of Colombia. FloralDaily talks with Jairo Cadavid to get more details regarding this new trade association in Colombia.

Colviveros is an association made up of individuals and corporations from different regions of Colombia dedicated to nurseries and the cultivation, production, logistics, domestic marketing and export of ornamental foliage and potted plants, and was created to represent the sector during participation in public policy, domestic plans and projects in the pursuit of sustainability, competitiveness and promotion.

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