Colviveros: Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers
Colviveros: Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers
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Colviveros - Assistance and Promotional Services

Colviveros, promotes the development of the Nursery industry, the competitive production of Ornamental Foliage and Potted Plants, and the commercial sustainability of both. To achieve this, Colviveros fosters defensive measures in its representation of national Nurseries and their Small Ornamental-Foliage and Potted-Plant Production, as well as how they manage local, district, national and international resources in pursuit of the over-arching Colviveros' mission.

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National Technical Nursery Days

Technical updates, sample of inputs, field visits are offered on a regular basis to our live plants growers in order to introduce new developments regarding production.

The small producers receive guidance from recognized experts on aspects such as substrate management, pests and diseases in living plants, clean production systems, interpretation of soil analysis reports, nursery management, and the physiology of plants in the nursery environment.

They also participate in conferences on breeder's rights, marketing and sales of plants and ornamentals, as well as the presentation of the characterization of nurseries in the region where the event takes place.

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ExpoPlantas Colombia

ExpoPlantas is the First Professional and Commercial Platform serving the Colombian nursery industry where the supply and demand of live and ornamental plants converge, and where the attendees find the latest innovations in plant material, supplies and services, technological developments, and advances in logistics for the entire industry supply chain.

ExpoPlantas offers the attendees a wide-ranging and relevant program of educational seminars, industry-related technical and commercial updates addressed by renowned national and international experts, business-to-business networking, and visits to the local nursery production. A varieties competition for growers and breeders highlights the quality and steady growth of the nursery sector.

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Nursery Research Center

The Research Center for the Advancement of the Ornamental Nursery Industry (CENIVIVEROS) focuses on strengthening and improving the productivity and the competitiveness of the ornamental nursery industry in Colombia by providing live plant growers comprehensive training, technical assistance, technological services, and evaluating new technologies.

This technological development center seeks to close the existing technological gap Colombia faces in comparison with the countries at the forefront of live plant production, centralizes the research to disseminate it, stimulates the implementation of quality standards, and promotes the adoption of clean production systems as well as the preservation of the intellectual property rights.

Colviveros provides industry-focused services for nurseries and small ornamental-foliage and potted-plant growers. Colviveros aims to streamline production processes, strengthen the quality of products, and to improve production costs in order to develop a product strategy that increases live plants' presence in the global marketplace.

Colviveros offers the following lines of Service to all its affiliates:

1. Training and Technical Assistance

2. Communal Supply acquisition

3. Acccess to credit

4. National marketing campaigns

5. New-market opportunities research

6. International promotion strategies

7. Resources for international development cooperation