Colviveros: Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers
Colviveros: Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers
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Colviveros Embraces Participation, Support, and Growth

Colviveros, is a non-profit trade association, governed by civil law and made up of individuals and corporations dedicated to Nurseries and the cultivation, production, logistics, domestic marketing and export of Ornamental Foliage and Potted Plants.

As a trade association, Colviveros was founded by a group of nursery owners, and small ornamental-foliage, potted-plant and flower growers around the Departments of Cundinamarca, Risaralda, Norte de Santander and Valle del Cauca, who saw associative interaction as an opportunity to drive small ornamental-foliage and potted-plant production and meet the domestic demand from larger Colombian exporters of exotic flowers and bouquets. It was also viewed as an in-road to carving their own path toward stimulating both domestic nurseries and the export of new ornamental foliage, potted plants and flowers overseas.

- Our Mision -To represent the domestic and international sector of Nurseries and their Small Ornamental-foliage and Potted-plant Production throughout Colombia, through participation in public policy, domestic plans and projects in the pursuit of competitiveness, stimulation and sustainability."

Board of Directors 2019 - 2021 AGUSTÍN BERNAL - Plantas del Tambo | ALEJANDRO SÁENZ - Sáenz Fety | CLAUDIA PARDO - Bonsai Ya | CRISTINA BRUSCO - Darwin Colombia | GABRIEL RUBIANO - Plantaciones Terranova | LINA MONTOYA - 7 Colinas | NICOLÁS VÉLEZ - Piante | OSCAR FERNANDO MELO - Asoviz | WILLIAM PARADA - Decorplantas del Caribe | YEFER PULIDO - Flormacoop, presidente | RICARDO GUAQUETA - Guaqueta USA, asesor.

Colviveros Estimates


 ➤  More than 3,000 nurseries and ornamental plant producers in Colombia.

 ➤  35,000 Colombian families depend on nursery and ornamental production.

 ➤  90% is considered as peasant family economy.

 ➤  1,950 hectares of production concentrated mainly in Cundinamarca (65%), Antioquia (20%) and Eje Cafetero, Valle del Cauca, and other regions (15%).

 ➤  Estimated national market value: USD 56 million.

 ➤  Employment generation: An exporting nursery company is the largest generator of rural employment per hectare in Colombia (320 jobs in 6 hectares).